Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling

As M State counselors, we help students clarify educational goals, identify program options, make decisions about degrees and select courses that fulfill a student's degree requirements, transfer plans and educational goals. In addition, we help students with academic progress issues.

Program and Majors

Transfer programs

How does the Associate of Arts (AA) degree transfer and to which colleges and universities?

The Associate of Arts degree can be used to fulfill freshman-sophomore general education requirements in all the state universities in Minnesota, at several colleges within the University of Minnesota, at the University of North Dakota and at North Dakota State University. Be sure to discuss your educational plans with an M State counselor in order to ensure a smooth transfer.

Transferring Without the AA Degree

学生 transferring without the AA degree to the above colleges can use transfer equivalency guides showing how courses transfer from M State. For other colleges, students should obtain a catalog to check general education requirements and then take equivalent M State courses. A counselor will help you.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

  • What it is? The MnTC is the 40-credit general education core of the AA degree (think of it as the AA minus electives).
  • Why is it important? The MnTC fully satisfies liberal education requirements at all Minnesota State universities and the four campuses of the University of Minnesota.
  • What about the AA? It's important! 事实上, it is so important that Minnesota four-year colleges strongly encourage you to complete it and transfer as a junior. However, if you plan to transfer without completing the AA degree, the MnTC is a great option.

AA degree worksheet - See available files below

MnTC Goal Area worksheet

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