的 opportunity for high school students to challenge themselves with college-level classes wouldn't be possible without enthusiastic and motivated teachers in the classroom.



你有兴趣申请大发彩票平台并行招生项目的教学吗? 每个申请人都被独立考虑, but a minimum of a master's degree with 18 graduate credits in the specific field you want to teach is preferred. 如果你目前没有达到最低要求, 请在9月1日之前包括你的计划来满足这个期望, 2025.

点击这里开始你的 并行招生教师申请.


  • 重新开始
  • Summary of why you are interested in teaching concurrent 课程 and your qualifications. 突出你的教育背景, special expertise and any other relevant experience that makes you a good candidate to teach college-level 课程.
  • 课程或者你想教的纪律
  • 高中校长的推荐信
  • 研究生成绩单(非正式成绩单)可用于申请, 但如果你被批准了,我们将需要正式的成绩单存档。)


  • 您的申请将由CEP项目主任审核. 一旦做出决定,我们将尽快与您联系, 但审查过程可能需要5到15个工作日.
  • 如果你被批准了, 你将被指派一位教师导师,他将帮助你开始准备你的课程. Make sure to communicate what course(s) you plan to teach with your high school principal and counselor so they can help get students tested and registered.
  • Visit the Concurrent High School Instructor web page for syllabus development and other forms, 工具和信息.
  • 在明尼苏达州系统应用程序中创建一个概要文件. 您将收到一封带有链接的欢迎电子邮件,或者您可以按照说明进行操作 在这里.

如果你没有足够的研究生学分来申请, 但我想探索一些选择, 下面是一个值得探索的资源: 明尼苏达州系统并行招生认证途径



对于一门新课程或新讲师,需要六次会议. At least one planning meeting between the 导师 and high school instructor (which includes new instructor orientation) must occur prior to the start of the semester. 至少进行两次面对面的课堂观察和一次后续会议. 导师将记录他们的观察和建议, 由CEP项目主管提交并审核.

同一讲师的重复课程必须有三次会议. 这些会议中至少有一次将是课堂观察.

Upon request, high school instructors can be provided with more feedback from their 导师's report.



  • 明确课程目标
  • 演讲的组织
  • 主题沟通
  • 概念或原理的论证
  • 监测学生学习情况,适当调整教学
  • 接受学生的意见和反应
  • 清晰、积极地回答学生的问题
  • 总结要点
  • 术语定义和必要时提供的背景信息
  • 学生对课堂活动的参与
  • 评估学生学习情况的方法


适用于新的CEP讲师或新的CEP课程, a minimum of one planning meeting between the faculty 导师 and high school instructor will occur prior to the start of the course. This meeting will include a comprehensive New Instructor Training and Orientation with discipline-specific training in topics including, 但不限于:

  • 课程开发
  • 课程课程
  • 当然结果
  • 评估标准
  • 分级和严格性
  • 教育学
  • 课程理念与理论
  • 教科书/材料选择要求
  • 同时招生手册
  • 行政责任
  • 导师/学员的角色和职责 
  • 方案和机构政策和程序
  • 年度专业发展(行政长官日)



  • Work with an assigned faculty 导师 to create a syllabus that meets all of M State's CEP syllabus requirements, 对于每一门课程. A sample syllabus and a syllabus template and checklist with these requirements is available at www.明尼苏达州.edu/instructor.
  • Instructors will distribute the approved syllabus to their students at the start of the course. Instructors are encouraged to have students sign the syllabus to further ensure that students have read and understand their responsibilities.
  • 教官必须见面, 或超过, 课程大纲中列出的能力,并对这些能力进行评估. 个人经验, 模型, methods and pedagogy are determined by the individual instructor in consultation with the 导师. 课程大纲和能力可以在这里找到.
  • Work with their 导师 to select a textbook that reflects current information relevant to the discipline. 高中负责购买课程教材.
  • Work with an assigned faculty 导师 to select a textbook that reflects current information relevant to the discipline. 高中负责购买课程教材.
  • 与M州立教师导师会面:

    For a new instructor or new course, four meetings and two course observations are required. At least one planning meeting between the 导师 and high school instructor must occur prior to the start of the semester. 计划会议包括CEP新讲师培训和入职培训. 的 remaining meetings can be done in tandem with the course observations and at the end of the semester. 导师将记录他们的观察和建议, 由CEP项目主管提交并审核的. 

    同一讲师的重复课程必须有三次会议. 这些会议中至少有一次将是课堂观察. 
  • 参加年度专业发展(同期注册日). Annual professional development and ongoing collegial interaction is a NACEP accreditation requirement which serves to further enhance instructor pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline.
  • 及时回复学院导师和CEP工作人员的沟通.
  • Review class lists at the start of the course and work with the designated high school contact to communicate any and all changes to M State.
  • 在学期结束的最后期限前提交成绩.
  • 遵守FERPA.
  • Participate in M State's concurrent enrollment electronic surveys (end-of-course surveys sent to students and program feedback surveys sent to instructors).
  • Communicate extended leave dates and coverage plans by submitting an 教员延长休假表.



All concurrent instructors are expected to ad在这里 to M State’s CEP instructor responsibilities. 课程能力, 学术严谨 and expectations must mirror those of a traditional course taught at the college. If the 导师 has concerns regarding a concurrent instructor’s ad在这里nce to the course content, 学术严谨, 评分或其他讲师职责, 他们会通知CEP项目主管.


  • 的 导师 will document any concerns and submit findings to the CEP program director for review.
  • 根据审查结果,可能会联系高中管理部门.
  • 可能会为兼职讲师安排一次会议, 导师, high school administration and the CEP program director to discuss the situation and develop a plan for compliance.
  • If all parties cannot come to an agreed-upon plan or if the instructor fails to take actions toward compliance, the course may be canceled and the instructor may lose their approval to teach for the CEP.

All M State concurrent enrollment instructors are required to participate in annual professional development in order to be in compliance with NACEP. CEP staff maintain attendance records of annual professional development for high school instructors and will contact instructors who have been found to be non-compliant.

If a concurrent instructor misses consecutive years of the annual professional development day, 将发生以下情况:

  • 缺课1年-讲师必须通知CEP员工缺课.
  • 2 years of absences - 的 instructor may be put on probation as a concurrent instructor.
  • 3 years of absences - 的 instructor is in jeopardy of losing approval to teach concurrent 课程 with M State.

For extenuating circumstances when an instructor is unable to attend 同期注册日, arrangements may be made for one-on-one professional development with a faculty 导师 (See Concurrent Handbook). 需要项目主管事先批准.