Detailed cost

Tuition for Academic Year 2024 - Summer 2025

Tuition - Resident$ 180.80 per credit
Tuition - Non-resident (pilot project)$ 180.80 per credit
Tuition - Internet Delivery$ 198.95 per credit
Tuition - PSEO (Dept. of Education)Set by Dept. of Education
Tuition - PSEO (Contract with School Dist.)$ 180.80 per credit
PSEO Surcharge (Contract with School Dist.)$ 30 per credit

Special program tuition for Academic Year 2024 - Summer 2025

Tuition - Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant$ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Radiologic Technology$ 210.80 per credit
Tuition - Limited Scope Radiography$ 210.80 per credit
Tuition - Electrical Lineworker Technology$ 210.80 per credit
Tuition - Nursing$ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Cardiovascular Technology$ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Surgical Technology$ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Echocardiography$ 210.80 per credit

Mandatory fees for Academic Year 2024 - 2025

Student Activity Fee - Provides support for campus organizations, programs and events available to all students.$3/credit - Detroit Lakes
$9.38/credit (max 12 credits) - Fergus Falls
$3.70/credit - Moorhead
$4/credit - Wadena
$3/credit - Online
Student Association Fee - Passed on to the statewide student government association LeadMN.$0.35/credit
Technology Fee - Provides funding for online and on-campus technology infrastructure and supoort.$10/credit
Wellness Center Fee - Funds the operation of the Wellness Center located on the Moorhead campus.$6/credit

Other fees for Academic Year 2024 - 2025

Clinical Make Up Fee - Covers additional costs to the college for clinical make ups.$25/hour
Late Fee - A tuition due date is scheduled each semester. Accounts with an outstanding balance after that date will be assessed a late fee based on the number of registered credits.$25 (1-6 credits) - $50 (7or more credits)
NSF Check Fee - Any check returned due to insufficient funds will be assessed this fee.$15
Parking - Parking fees are assessed on a per-credit basis. This fee funds the maintenance of college parking lots. Student who do not utilize college parking facilities can request a waiver.$2/credit
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee - The Nelnet online payment plan is available each semester.$30/plan
Printing Fee - Students receive a $12.50 printing credit each semester. Once the balance has been used, students are charged $0.05 per black and white copy and $0.10 per color copy. Printing balances can be viewed in SpartanNet.$0.05 black and white; $0.10 color
Senior Citizen Tuition - Available to Minnesota residents aged 62 or older.$20/credit
Student ID Replacement - Cost to replace student ID.$5
Test Out Fee - Students who would like to test out of a course through credit by examination will pay a per-credit test out fee based on the lab/lecture content of the course.$75/credit
Transcript Fee - Official transcripts can be obtained through$5/transcript

Course-specific fees

Fall 2024

Summer 2024

Paying for college: The cost

M State's Business Services wants to be as transparent as possible about the tuition and fees charged for your college experience. Information on tuition rates, general and program-related fees, fee descriptions and reciprocity are displayed below. Tuition and fee information is updated once rates have been approved by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees (usually by July 1 before the start of the fall semester).

Collection of tuition and fees

All tuition and fees not covered by financial aid are due the first day of the semester or the first day of class, unless a deferment has been made through designated personnel.