Center for Academic Writing and Reading

The Center for Academic Writing and Reading welcomes all learners. Students can expect to find guidance in the practical application of reading and writing skills needed to succeed in college classrooms. Center staff is committed to helping students find their best practices for reading and writing academic texts. Students are welcome to visit at any stage of their learning process.


Finals Week Hours

Detroit Lakes LibraryFergus Falls LibraryMoorhead, B154Wadena LibraryOnline (go to SpartanNet to access Virtual Student Support Zoom link)
Tuesday, April 30, 9AM-12PM

Monday, April 29, 11AM-1PM

Tuesday, April 30, 10AM-1PM

Wednesday, May 1, 11AM-12PM

Monday, April 29, 9-11AM and 1-3PM

Tuesday, April 30, 9AM-2PM

Wednesday, May 1, 9-11AM

Coaching is not currently available on site; please see the online schedule.

Monday, April 29, 1-3PM

Tuesday, April 30, 10AM-12PM

Wednesday, May 1, 10AM-1PM

Contact Heidi R. Anderson,, for more information.