Lakes Country Perkins Consortium

Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V)


​The Perkins V act reauthorizes the federal investment in career and technical education from July 1, 2019 through 6月 30, 2025, and retains the state governance structure of the current law. The general responsibilities such as the state plan development and local grantee oversight remain largely the same. Minnesota will continue to fund local consortia (high school districts plus their postsecondary college partners) to spur innovation and support programs of study aligned with high-skill, 高工资, or in-demand occupations or industries.

Perkins V is dedicated to increasing learner access to high-quality career and technical programs of study. It provides dedicated resources to implement programs and support the range of educational needs of students from exploration through career preparation. The addition of the required comprehensive local needs assessment strives to provide a balance between student needs with the current and emerging economic needs. 

Minnesota's Planning for Perkins V


Advancing Career and Technical Education (CTE) empowers every learner to realize a rewarding career.


Quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) ensures every learner has equitable access to career-connected learning though a network of knowledgeable partners.

  • An equity lens for all decision making
  • Inclusion of all stakeholders
  • Being bold, innovative and focused on continuous improvement
  • Responsiveness to the evolving labor market


  • Educate all stakeholders about Lakes Country Perkins Consortium annual plan
  • Launch Lakes Country Perkins Consortium plan
  • Reflect on last year's outcomes
  • Complete Annual Performance Report
  • 参加CTE工场! 峰会
  • Attend coordinator meeting
  • Implement winter special events, camps, workshops and activities
  • Develop Lakes Country Perkins Consortium reallocation plan
  • Execute CTE Month activities/promotion in 2月
  • Develop ideas/goals for summer special events, camps, workshops and activities
  • Work toward the Lakes Country Perkins Consortium plan's outcomes
  • Draft next year's Lakes Country Perkins Consortium plan
  • Submit next year's plan and present to 明尼苏达州/Minnesota Department of Education
  • Finalize details for summer special events, camps, workshops and activities
  • Attend coordinator meeting
  • Reflect on the Lakes Country Perkins Consortium plan's outcomes/data
  • Lakes Country Perkins Consortium team facilitates quarterly meetings (at a minimum)
  • Promote CTE on social media outlets
  • Facilitate joint (secondary and post-secondary) professional development