Institutional Effectiveness Council

Institutional Effectiveness Council

The Institutional Effectiveness Council is a representational body of internal constituents who foster a culture of continuous quality improvement. The council reviews college processes and data through the lens of accreditation and promotes practices that fulfill the college's mission. As informed ambassadors, the council engages college employees and students in learning from its operational experience and applying that learning to recommend performance improvements.


1) Develop a shared understanding of key components involved in assessment (i.e., assessment terminology, HLC assessment report expectations) and review progress.

2) Articulate HLC accreditation standards and key components in achieving those standards.

3) Promote an organizational culture of institutional effectiveness by modeling and encouraging others to use assessment evidence to improve student success.

Council responsibilities include:

  • Serving as a recommending body to the President's Cabinet.
  • Participating in and supporting the regular review of the College's mission/vision/values and goals that drive planning and resource allocation
  • Advising the college on how to integrate institutional effectiveness measures into planning mechanisms to support evidence-based decision making
  • 发展中, reviewing and proposing revisions (when needed) to institutional effectiveness measures, 仪器, 基准, 数据存储, and reporting mechanisms to evaluate the degree to which the college fulfills its mission and goals (e.g., the 明尼苏达州 system accountability dashboard and college-wide surveys)
  • Analyzing institutional-level outcomes data (e.g., institutional assessment results across all divisions; student engagement and satisfaction, campus climate/employee survey results, external stakeholder survey results, 等.) to inform program and institutional decision-making and planning
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practices and collaborating with faculty and staff to improve upon or maintain assessment of student learning data and methodologies
  • Coordinating survey and focus group design, selection of standardized assessment tools and replicated query creation
  • Contributing to institutional accreditation processes and evidence, compliance documents and the annual institutional evaluation for the 明尼苏达州 system